Weekly Alpha Gaming Metaverse Expedition (WAGME) #9 —1st May

Your weekly guide to the world of Web3 Gaming. Discover the best gaming mints, stay up-to-date on the latest game releases & be the first to know about the newest gaming projects

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Here’s a sneak peak at this week’s alpha calendar. If you love what you see, we’d appreciate you sharing it to your friends!


  • MetalCore - Open World Alpha 2 Playtest will be available on the Epic Games store (May 1 - May 8). More

  • Champions Ascension - Free For All Playtest w/ Fractal (May 2, 10-11pm UTC). More

  • Trial XTreme - Closed Alpha (May 3). More

  • Mighty Action Heroes - Weekend Playtest (April 28 - 30). More
  • Parallel - Shard Fragment Refinement Opening (April 28, 2:30PM UTC, reveal on May 12). More

Guides & Analysis

  • Ascenders - Breakdown of Play Ascender’s NFT Land Utility. More
  • Aurory - Details on Prologue to Adventures, a new JRPG coming to Aurory. More
  • Eliza Crichton-Stuart (Real Third Web) - Breaking down SEGA’s bid to buy Rovio. More
  • Influence.eth - Deep Dive on what on-chain Games can offer. More
  • Otherside Meta - Game Mechanics Thread on Legends of the Mara. More
  • ParagonsDAO - Latest updates on the Paragons Ecosystem. More
  • Realms - Why Starknet is poised to be the best layer 2 available for on-chain games. More
  • Teng Yan (Delphi Digital) - Why selecting the right distribution model for NFTs matters. More
  • WolvesDAO - How to minimize botting in Web3. More
  • Amazon - Delayed the launch of their Digital Marketplace due to technical & commercial issues. More
  • Call of the VoYd - Released version 0.3.6 of its Roguelite Mobile ARPG on both Android and iOS. More
  • Cards of Ethernity - Now available in Early Access at the Epic Games Store. More
  • Champions Ascension - Launched its Free-For-All (FFA) 15-player gladiator game mode. More
  • DEGEN WAR$ - Announced that they will be having a free mint for their card game. More
  • Mighty Action Heroes - Released their new game build and started $MBIT emissions to reward loyal NFT holders. More
  • MixMob - Released closed beta access for MixMob Racer 1, a card strategy, racing game. More
  • Mythical Games - Announced their migration to the Polkadot ecosystem. More
  • Mythical Games - Launched NFL Rivals, a football game incorporating digital assets on both the Apple & Google Play Store. More
  • Paima Studios - Launched Web3 engine, bridging legacy gaming on Cardano. More
  • Paladins DAO - Released their manifesto on what the DAO seeks to achieve within Web3 Gaming. More
  • Parallel - Announced the launch of Shard Refinement where players can now craft Terminal Batteries. More
  • Pirate Nation - Launched its Voxelizer Pirate PFP upgrade. More
  • Pixelmon - Announced its Evolution Serum Burn (May 1, 2023, 2PM). More
  • Starfall Arena - Released a preview of their in-game marketplace. More
  • Sunflower Land - Announced the launch of design mode helping players to design their dream island. More
  • THE WATCH - Released another video teaser for its game. More
  • VOX Odyssey - Announced that Souls within the VOX Verse are now live and bindable. More
  • Worldwide Webb - Released Diamond Essence airdrop to landholders. More
  • Paladins DAO - Decentralized Web3 Investment DAO that aims to purchase a real esports team. More
  • T.E.A.M. (Tokenized Esports Asset Management) DAO - Next-gen eSports and Web3 gaming platform. More

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